Our housekeepers work as either a one or two person team. Our hourly rates are based on the number people hours, so 4 hours of cleaning for 1 person will take 4 hours; however, 4 hours of cleaning for 2 persons will take 2 hours.

Hourly Rates

  4 hours of service (2 people 2 hrs. ea.)….…. $88.00

  5 hours of service (2 people 2.5 hrs. ea.).… $110.00

  6 hours of service (2 people 3 hrs. ea.)....… $132.00

  7 hours of service (2 people 3.5 hrs. ea.)…. $154.00

  8 hours of service (2 people 4 hrs. ea.)….... $176.00

10 hours of service (2 people 5 hrs. ea.)…... $220.00

Bedroom Interior

​Cleaning & Virus Sanitizing Prices

In general, we charge the following rates:

  • Cleaning and Virus Disinfection : $0.10 / square foot

  • Just Virus Disinfection : $0.04 / square foot

However, we also offer special rates:

  • Bulk pricing is available for commercial and/or multifamily/tenant facilities.

  • Emergency and after-hour rates are available. For emergency service, please call us or text us at 214-551-6904 .

  • Recurring, scheduled options are also available at more affordable rates.

Call our office to make in appointment for us to give you an estimate for your Cleaning and Virus Sanitizing needs.



We charge the following prices for apartment cleaning
1 bedroom $66.00
2 bedroom $77.00
3 bedroom $88.00



Weekly  *  Bi-weekly  *  Monthly                           
We also offer one time, detailed cleaning services to fit your individual needs.



You must ask for these Extra Services  and we Charge $22 per Hour  for them

  • Cleaning the inside of your oven

  • Cleaning windowsills, baseboards, and or blinds

  • Cleaning the inside and/or outside of your cabinets

  • Deep cleaning inside of your refrigerator (Removing and deep cleaning all pieces)


The Things We Don't Do Or Clean


  • Laundry

  • Exterior Windows

  • Cleaning Interior Walls

  • Organize Closets or Cabinets

  • Washing Dishes and/or Glasses


  • ​​Industrial Cleaning

  • Rust Removal / Rust Cleaning

  • High Ceiling Fans

  • Lifting or Moving Heavy Items

  • Cleaning Surfaces out of Arms Reach (Something that would require a ladder)

  • Clutter or Hoarding Cleanup

  • Animal Waste Cleaning or Removal

  • Deep Carpet Cleaning (however, we can give you a referral to a Carpet Cleaning Service)